Company profile

Mission & Vision


Hitess N.V. is a company specialized in electrical installation products for commercial as well as residential projects. Our internationally renown products are of superior quality and very competitive on the local market. At Hitess N.V. we understand that the client plays an important role for our existence, that is why our service is a personal one, whereas our client is central and is always treated with respect and integrity. Our associates are professionals that can advice and deliver projects according to deadlines, and always complying with their promises, without any excuse. For that reason we are committed to constantly develop ourselves not only as a company but also personally and collectively, to always offer the client the best service that he deserves. Our associates treat each other with respect and understand that we all need each other and that it is together that we will comply with our promise and ultimately reach our goal.



Our vision is to become the leader on the local market in supplying quality electrical installation products for commercial and residential projects and be considered as the specialists and the only place that offers the extensive variation necessary for quality electrical installation products.